Ralf Peter Glänzer


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Ralf Peter Glänzer

Marketing Director

Education: Business Studies (marketing and information technology)
Career: University Cologne, Chair for Information Technology; Unilever (Langnese/Iglo); Karl Jüngel Stahl-Service-Center (subsidiary of Thyssen today); Federal-Mogul Motorparts; DAF Trucks Germany
With pr people since: 2016


First industry, now agency? I see it as a logical development. After more than twenty years in industry, I wanted to move to the other side of the fence. Plus, how can you be better equipped to advise customers than with an industry background? I know the mindset, the processes and, in the automotive sector at least, the technology.

There are plenty of agencies. Why pr people? Precisely because of my industry experience. When you work in marketing for a large company, you get to know a lot of agencies. Then you notice pretty quickly “who has what it takes”. Because I take my job very seriously, it’s a very personal thing for me. It’s incredibly important for me to be “more substance than appearance”. You quickly run into danger when it’s the other way around – especially in communication. And pr people has what it takes, in PR and marketing!

And what else? The saying in Cologne goes “as long as the car’s running”, and I like this kind of flippancy. There’s a lot of truth in it and it’s a good thing to be able to laugh at yourself. Obviously, my family comes first, not the car. But it’s not entirely off the mark, because being the petrolhead that I am, I spend a lot of my free time tinkering around in the garage, preferably on cars made in the same year as me.