Britta Rose, M.A.


T: +49 (0)201/82 14 34-13
F: +49 (0)201/82 14 34-11


Britta Rose M.A.


German and Spanish Philology
Career: Local newspaper and radio, Krombacher Brewery, agiplan
With pr people since: 2014

What drew you to PR? I particularly enjoy the variety of the work – virtually every single day is different. I also love organising and planning - and writing, too, of course.

How do you spend your free time? After work, I like to go for a run around the park or at the lake. It’s a great way to switch off.

What is your favourite travel destination? Definitely Majorca, even if that perhaps sounds a little boring at first. I got to know the island when I spent my term abroad in Palma. There are so many great places to see there and people to meet. And, contrary to popular belief, there is also plenty opportunity to speak Spanish there.