Dipl. Kff.
Christiane Bourquin

Owner, Partner

T: +49 (0)221/53 41 088-31
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Christiane Bourquin

Owner, Managing Director

Education: Business Studies (Marketing, Organisation)
Additional Qualification: Social Media Manager
Career: General Electric, Pronomen, Bentzien Kommunikation
Founded pr people: 1999

Why PR? Probably because I like to communicate – preferably in different languages and across international borders. But primarily because PR is so amazingly varied!
What other profession might you have pursued and why? Dancer, tour guide, architect, banker, sometimes even housewife and mother – preferably several at once, because too much of the same thing gets boring.
And in your free time? Things that I don’t do professionally -  lots of dancing and travelling, a bit of sport here and there, mucking around in the garden and being happy when it’s not raining – because I like to drive my A5 with the top down in almost all weathers.