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Hybox TT: New high-strength grades for agriculture and crane applications

Tata Steel has extended its Hybox TT range with new grades of its high-strength cold-formed hollow sections which allows for developing stronger and lighter machinery e.g. in the agriculture and crane industry. Hybox TT is now available up to 700 megapascals (MPa) yield strength as well as in additional dimensions, thicknesses and circular shapes. Thanks to the outstanding tight tolerances (TT stands for "tight tolerance") and surface properties, the highly shape-consistent hollow sections are especially suitable for the automated production.

The range now covers circular, square and rectangular profiles with yield strengths between 275 and 700 MPa. The circular profiles are available in diameters from 88.9 to 323.9 mm and with wall thicknesses from 2.0 to 12.5 mm. The rectangular and square profiles cover dimensions from 50x50 to 250x250 mm with wall thicknesses between 2.0 and 12.5 mm. With this range it is now possible to reduce the weight of equipment to increase payload e.g. for cranes, as well as widen a machine’s working area without weight penalties e.g. for agricultural implements. The high-strength Hybox TT hollow sections are cold formed at the sites of Tata Steel in Zwijndrecht and Maastricht in the Netherlands and are based on thermo-mechanically rolled fine grain steel from the company’s plant in IJmuiden.

The meticulous manufacturing process of Hybox TT guarantees twice as tight tolerances for dimensions, concavity/convexity or out of roundness, squareness and external corner radii compared to cold-formed welded hollow sections according to EN 10219. Hybox TT tubes also have a low carbon equivalent and clean ends for safe handling and efficient processing. Thanks to these features, welding processes can be automated without pre-heating even in the series production of demanding components. This makes the processing more economical, while improving safety and saving resources. The excellent surface quality further eliminates shot-blasting before painting.

"Equipment manufacturers today are interested in durable and visually appealing machines that can carry higher loads. Thanks to the new high-strength grades in the Hybox TT range, components can be made thinner and thus lighter. This reduces the overall weight and thereby also CO2 emissions," explains Adrian Davies, Marketing Manager at Tata Steel.

The continuous development of Hybox TT is the result of Tata Steel’s close cooperation with various customers. In addition to its high-quality products, the Customer Technical Service team offers its support in optimising production processes or in technical product development. This allows customers to utilise the full potential of the hollow sections in their manufacturing lines and end products.


The Hybox TT hollow sections have tight tolerances and a superior surface finish for automated component manufacturing.